I think the website updated function that is in the answer is not reusable

Because if I use the website updated function over an ordinary list [ 1,4,8,9,0,8,9 ], the output will be wrong because the first element in the list is exclusive.
Am I right?

And is my function reusable?

The mission link:https://app.dataquest.io/m/315/functions%3A-fundamentals/9/reusability-and-multiple-parameters

Hi Maho

This function can be reused for datasets similar to apps_data, i.e. data structures which are list of lists. For example, here we can use the iOS data as well as the android data.

Hope it makes sense.

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This function is reusable if you are working with a list of lists, the 2D lists.
In question [ 1,4,8,9,0,8,9 ] you’re supplying a 1-D list .

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