I think there is a bug!

Screen Link:

My Code:

ny_schools<- list(sat_results, ap_2010, class_size, demographics, graduation, hs_directory)

names(ny_schools)<-c("sat_results", "ap_2010", "class_size", "demographics", "graduation", "hs_directory") 

duplicate_DBN<- ny_schools%>% map(mutate, is_dup=duplicated(DBN))%>% map(filter, is_dup=="TRUE")

What I expected to happen:
My answer is the same as the model, but it failed.

What actually happened:


Hello, there seems to be a lot of bugs in this mission, In your previous topics I’ve given you the solution on how to mark the mission screen as complete. It would be great if you could report the platform bug. You can do so by pressing ? on the mission screen.


Thank you! will use the “?” from now on!

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