I want to introduce: get_gif_n_image() function

Hello :slight_smile:

I’d like to share a function finally written by me: get_gif_n_image() [it will be add to Pypi library as get_gifNimage]. It allows adding pictures to the code that is posted in this forum: so they can be displayed. The reason why I do it is such: If someone wants to see my code, but don’t want to download all data (a folder with an .ipnb file and all pictures, gifs etc) he or she will just click .ipnb file and open it directly from the forum. But, If the project has some code that displays the image, it won’t be open. It’s because there are no other files: forum script reads only the .ipnb file and executes it. I don’t know how it works behind the curtain, but I know one thing: this script allows showing the output of the code. So, all is needed is to upload those pictures via code and that’s what my function basically do.

Why is it worth checking my function?:

  1. It’s a cool function :smiley:

  2. You can learn from the .ipnb file about many things like :

  • how to use Exceptions

  • how to “link” links with files

  • how to find files in the current folder

  • how to convert pictures

  • and many more

  1. Learning is easier because I paste all resources I was based on.

All about function in .ipnb file below:

get_gif_n_image - download and display image - final version with markdown.ipynb (542.2 KB)

Click here to view the jupyter notebook file in a new tab

The function get_gif_n_image() can be found in this project.. It’s used often.