I94 Traffic Indicators 7/3

Wanted to share my I-94 Traffic Indicators project and get some feedback. I did all the steps, and tried to include a seaborn relplot at the end. I know that my explanations and style are not perfect, as I was focused more on writing the code successfully.

I-94 Traffic Guided Project.ipynb (314.2 KB)

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Hi @kchitty23
Thanks for sharing your project here. Overall, I really like the way that you structured the project. but it’d be nice if you add the following to your work, data analysis is more than writing codes it’s about telling a story of you observed in a data

  • Try to write what the datasets is about and make some observations about them.
  • you can also do Traffic volume vs time of night (working day vs weekend)
  • Traffic volume vs time of night (Friday night vs remaining nights):

however, describing your observation in detail is the real beauty of the work.


Hi, @kchitty23

  1. Try to make seaborn relplot larger by size. It’s difficult to see all on a small space.
  2. How the winter time can be at the bottom, when the snow falls ? Your conclusions after last plot in seaborn. As I see the bootom summer days on weekend.

I had the same thoughts as you, that is better to concentrate on the code and my comments are not so important. But I have to say I changed my mind. After 6 monthes , when you return to your code, comments to the code and to the project are very helpful to remember what you had done in your project. Plus, they help readers to understand your project.

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