IDE - line by line running the code

Could someone help me with the shortcuts to run code in IDE linr by line? There is jus one option of ‘Run Code’.

You mean on the Dataquest platform or on an IDE you have installed locally?

On Jupyter notebook, you can use Ctrl+Enter to run a line of code in each cell, this shortcut also works for Dataquest platform IDE.

i wanted to ask about Dataquest platform IDE only, but ctrl+enter is not working for me for line by line execution of code

I think it’s important to remember that the DQ platform does not store code in the same way that Jupyter Notebooks do. Jupyter notebooks are saved as *.ipynb files while the DQ platform is running code from a *.py file. Although both store python code, the way that they are executed is fundamentally different.

Therefore, you can think of the DQ platform as being “a single cell of a Jupyter notebook” and you can run it with the shortcut key: SHIFT + ENTER.

Also note that it’s not possible to run code “line by line” in Jupyter notebooks either. You can only run it “cell by cell” (ie CTRL + ENTER == run current cell)

Although i am new here but ,according to me, its a flaw if you can not test code chunks as we are going ahead.

@mukuls7007 perhaps I do not fully understand what you are trying to do because it is always possible to test code chunks as we are going forward…that’s what Run Code does.