Identify dataset columns that could help us with our analysis?

How we decide which columns are right for our analysis, I feel confused about this decision in AppleStore and GooglePlay datasets.

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Hi @abd.shallal,

For the scope of that project, to answer our main question, we are interesed in several factors:

  • some indicators of popularity of the apps (all the columns with ratings, reviews, and installs)
  • information about price, which should be 0 in our case (hence, any columns with price and currency, and also the 'Type' column, showing if an app is free or not)
  • genres (all the columns with genres or categories of apps).

Luckily, the column names of both datasets are rather self-explanatory to find all these factors. Otherwise, we could consult the corresponding data dictionaries of these datasets to exlore the meaning of each columns: Android apps and iOS apps.

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