If we look at the documentation for the OpenNotify API... This api has been removed

Screen Link:

Is it possible that I can’t find the documentation you are talking about in the link?

My Code:

I have been looking and have not been able to find it.
Thank you very much and sorry for the inconvenience.


Can you provide a link to the DQ course you’re referring to? You didn’t fill in the “Screen Link:” part of your message.

I did some digging around the Open Notify GitHub repos and came across its API status site over here:


It says this under the Depreciation header:

ISS Pass predictions are now turned off. Real time current ISS location and number of people in space will continue to operate.

I did find an example of how to use the ISS Pass Predictions API from a GitHub issue. Here’s an example link:

Yesterday before putting this post I made another one that I hung and once written I gave the order to eliminate it.

It said the same thing I put in this one, and I removed it because maybe being a novice I was making a big mistake, but of course no matter how novice I was the link clearly said:

This API has been removed.

So after a long time I decided to hang it and clearly I forgot to say where the link was referred to (the rush …)

Now checking the links again, they don’t come up again, so I think that inside the platform there are "little mice":mouse: that work in the shadows and try to help us in the best possible way.

:hibiscus:Thanks DQ!:hibiscus:

Thank you very much for your time and dedication :clap:, you have been a great help, I hope to be able to help you one day.:dizzy: