If you feel stuck, know that this guided project is much harder than the next module. Don't quit!

The first guided project took me a long time to get through, and I referred to the solution often. I was glad I persevered, because the beginning of Python for Data Science: Intermediate, which is what comes next, is like the middle modules of the Fundamentals course. So from my perspective, make it through that first guided project as best you can, picking up some skills in the process, and move on. Your ability (or lack thereof) to solve that first project is not an indication of your ability to continue the courses.


Thank you for sharing your experience with us. I’m about to start my first guided project soon, and I wonder how long time did it take for you to finish?

Well, I try to do an hour a day, but I really slowed down with this project. It might have taken me two weeks.

Also, I installed Anaconda and used Jupyter Notebook from there. I had problems in the Dataquest interface that I didn’t have in my own Jupyter Notebook.

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