I'm having trouble using the apply(function) for this


def percentage(value):
final_value=(value/melt[“Happiness Score”])*100
return round(final_value,2)


I created a function percentage to run through for each “Percentage” column but its giving me a huge error

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In the function you’ve defined, you’re trying to divide value by the entire melt[“Happiness Score”] column. That might be causing the problem.

It is hard to tell which of the exercises in Transforming Data with Pandas you are referring to. Is it slide 7 or 8?

I think it’s slide 7. They’re probably trying to solve this the same way in slide 6. That’s not how I solved it, though, as I see.

Okay. I thought so too. Just to be sure.

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I’m referring to slide 7. However, didn’t they do that in the example on Slide 6?
My code:

  • Using the apply(percentage) function to dividing the value in each row of melt[“value”] by melt[“Happiness Score”], then multiplying it by 100!

Code in slide 6:

  • Using the apply(percentages) function to divide the value of each row in the factors columns list by happiness2015[“Happiness Score”]

factors = [‘Economy’, ‘Family’, ‘Health’, ‘Freedom’, ‘Trust’, ‘Generosity’, ‘Dystopia Residual’]
def percentages(col):
div = col/happiness2015[‘Happiness Score’]
return div * 100
factor_percentages = happiness2015[factors].apply(percentages)


You should select value column as DataFrame not Series so use melt[["value"]] instead of melt["value"]

melt["Percentage"] = melt[["value"]].apply(percentage)

You can see different between both by printing its type.

print(type(melt[["value"]]))           # melt[["value"]] will returns DataFrame
print(type(melt["value"]))             # melt["value"] will returns Series

<class 'pandas.core.frame.DataFrame'>
<class 'pandas.core.series.Series'>

.apply function on DataFrame object implement function column wise see docs while on Series object implement function row wise see docs.