I'm looking for a graphical flowchart generator


I’m looking for some program or library that will take my code as input and produce a logic chart as a picture.

The only thing that does such a thing that I found is “Understand - by SciTools”. But It costs more than my cat! Isn’t really anything else that can create such diagrams? I thought there should be a lot of programs for that (it seems to be a very basic tool). I couldn’t find anything like that in anaconda. I’ve checked Sourcetrail too: but it doesn’t create this kind of visualisations. The last thing that seems to do such things is “pyflowchart”, but the chart isn’t a picture and when the code is huge, the output is so badly scaled that it’s impossible to use. :disappointed:

Hi @drill_n_bass

Not sure if it would be helpful but you can check out pydot and the corresponding tutorials below. Best part is its free!

Another alternative is network charts.

Or combining both (not sure why there are some errors in this notebook–probably have to read the docs to see how to overcome them):

Hope these help!

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Hi :slight_smile:
Thank you for your reply!

Is there any way to automate creating a flowchart so that I will just paste my code and the flowchart will automatically name all nodes according to object names?

I was thinking of this kind of solution: just paste code to processing and creating a flowchart, or choose a path with a code file.

Those solutions above seem to require manually defining every node. :thinking:

@drill_n_bass: honestly im not too sure about that… maybe you could do some research on other tools besides Understand - by SciTools. Probably there are some cheaper alternatives available or the other community members would be able to chime in with their experience. @nityesh do you have any experience with such tools?

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Unfortunately, I don’t. Sorry.