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I'm not sure what does the result mean? How come women/total ratio can be greater than 1?

Screen Link:

My Code:
select Major_category, sum(CAST(Women as Float)) / sum(CAST(Total as Float)) as SW
from recent_grads
group by Major_category
order by SW

What I expected to happen: SW column has decimal values ranging from 0 to 1

What actually happened: as you can see in the result table, some major category has a ratio greater than 1, and some has suspiciously low ratio such as 0.03

Other details: I was under the impression there’s no overlap the amount of people majoring in each major, thus, the sum of all women majoring in a Major_category divided by total amount of people majoring in a given Major_category should range between 0 to 1.

Please let me know what’s going on here? Thank you.

A couple weeks ago another student pointed this out as well: Error in Data Source? The Share of Women Is More than 100%

It did look sketchy so a ticket was created so the team could have a look at it. @dustindq do you know if there were any updates?

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No updates just yet! It’s definitely on our list of things to fix, however, so thanks for your patience in the interim.

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Hi @dustindq, the issue still exists.

Hey there! It’s going to take a bit of time to fix since we’re working on addressing other bugs as well — rest assured, it’s on our to-do list so thanks for hanging tight in the interim!