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Image segmentation using AI

Hi guys!

I’m interested in image segmentation and image recognition using AI, but I’m kind of lost about where to begin learning about it, does anybody knows a library or previous knowledge that may be useful?

Hi @luiza.licariao: you can try looking to getting started with Convolutional Neural Networks (may require some prior math knowledge). I would advice you to follow Deeplearning.ai’s materials on Coursera (they use Tensorflow - but you can choose to use PyTorch later on).

More technical, granular-level course:

More high-level course

OpenCV is also quite a widely used library in the market.

For PyTorch (advice you to take the first 2 courses beforehand), there is quite a long and good playlist by NYU:


Thereafter you may wish to explore more advanced topics like OCR and the like!

Hope this helps!

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