Importing our own datasets to continue exploration on guided projects


I was working on the “Analyzing NYC High School Data” project and wanted to import my own property values data set into my notebook. Is there a way to do this without having to download a copy of my notebook and all the datasets? I would prefer to continue working on the project on the dataquest site. The reason why is that some of the file extensions that were linked to on the project I don’t recognize. They don’t seem to be all csv files. I’m not sure how to handle them.


Hello @eternaldas, to upload a file follow the following steps

  • In the Guided Project, click on the Jupyter Logo
  • You’ll see a button named Upload, click on it to upload a file from your computer
  • Then click the Upload button to upload your file to dataquest.

Let me know if the above has worked. It has worked for me.