In A Hurry To Post Your Guided Project?

Help Us Help You Better!

Please do not treat guided projects as a tool to grade and score. The idea behind this initiative is to enhance coordination between peers and fellow learners. Posting projects is a tool to hone your skills!

The community moderators are students just like you (and unpaid volunteers!).

So they are not here to grade you, only to help and guide you and also to learn something from you. From your queries, suggestions, projects, etc.

Let’s break the misconception that guided projects will earn you brownies. Nope! We can’t afford a bakery, but we can afford collaborative learning!

Try to look at your fellow learners’ projects as additional learning opportunities.
Saw something you liked? Let them know! Not sure about something they did? Ask questions!

You can show them your support, ask them your doubts about their approach, appreciate the code piece you liked. This helps them make their future projects better, and helps you think critically as a Data Scientist/ Analyst.

Invite them to do the same for you!

Few helpful posts about guided projects and their submission are as follows: