In depth Guide to : Analyzing Business questions using sql

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Since understanding complex SQL queries can be a bit challenging, I have provided an in depth ‘Step by Step’ guide explaining each of the complex SQL queries used to answer the given business questions in the project.

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PS. I spent way too much time on this project than I would care to admit :joy:

Answering business questions using SQL .ipynb (96.5 KB)

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Hi @shubhkirti.prasad

Thanks for sharing another amazing project on Analyzing Business questions using sql. This project is just amazing and am so confident that it well be helpful to many of the learners who will have a review. I love the eight steps you have presented, through the steps , I have noticed a lot of facts exposed , the aim/objectives are so informative and your introduction is just excellent. The way you have presented the findings is so lovable, they have been well detailed and very informing.
Honestly , you have done a great job on this project, and I have learned a lot like the way you have styled the whole project is very admirable.

Keep it up mate!

Happy learning!

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Hey @brayanopiyo18

Thanks for these motivational words, they keep me going!
I just hope people find this guide helpful :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Thanks again!

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