In need if some help finishing an assignment thats giving me some issues

Personal Overview: I am currently in an intensive data science program which requires a fairly interview process. The class sizes are very small because of how technical the course is. I was extremely excited and flattered to get excepted. Fast-forward, its a week into the course and I am starting to slowly behind, which is starting to concern me. I was lucky(a bit of sarcasm) enough to be a part of the most technically advanced group that has ever come through the program. I understand a great deal but there just pieces missing which has made completing things very difficult. I’m looking merely for help, not someone to complete the lab for me. I’m determined to come out of this course fully prepared to succeed in the field of data science.

The question:
B) Create a dict to house your dataset of players.

  • The dictionary storing your players should be called poke_players .
  • Because only player_1 exists, there should only be one key:value pair.
  • The keys of this dict should be the player_id , and the values should be the dictionaries with single-player info, including the player_id (slightly redundant).

Make sure to check that your poke_players dictionary looks right after you’ve added player_1 . To see the contents of a variable, just run a code cell with the variable name in it.

Please help!

It feels difficult to help given the initial description.

What is your question?
Is it

  1. How to create a dictionary?
  2. How to create a dictionary with dictionary as values?
  3. How to create dictionary with short syntax?
  4. How to create dictionary in readable manner?

What have you tried?
Why is it failing?
What do you need to understand to move forward?

Please explain how someone can help you when describing your difficulty.
That may include giving sample data, or even better, coming up with your own minimal example. This requires a certain understanding from you to simplify the question.

It’s ok to explain in layman terms if you don’t know the programming language jargon.

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