In practise, when would one choose for a postgres db?

Could you give practical examples of when a postgres database is used in the world of data analysis / data engineering and data science?

I have no clue why one would choose a postgres database? At my work we use mssql and this works alright.

Hey, Luuk.

They’re the same kind of tool. Why choose one over the other will most likely end up being a matter of technical details, and/or business reasons (partnerships, pricing, technical support, and so on).

For a comparison between MySQL and Postgres specifically, I suggest you google more something like MySQL vs Postgres.

For a comparison between multiple databases, including the most popular ones, check out the Wikipedia article Comparison of relational database management systems.

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I’m using mac, and mssql requires docker to run in mac, while postgres runs directly, saves time and complexity.
Also, postgres has a sql/json path language used to parse nested json, putting nosql capabilities into a traditionally relational database like postgres.
mssql also has json parsing capabilities with OPENJSON, but designing functions in a nested way without pipes is harder to debug.

Compare the difference between python’s max(aggregate(data)) vs R’s data%>% aggregate%>%max, as analogous to OPENJSON(@json,'$"sub-object"') vs postgres’s json -> path ->> to-sub-object

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Hi @hanqi, thanks for reply.

What are you running on docker? Datawarehouse?
Could you explain you’re job where you are using these kind of tools?

Are you using postgres for data warehousing? Or running your pipelines?
I am relatively new to the world of ds/de and really eager to learn from your experiences.

Please check out this post to learn about the technologies used by Dataquest.

I’m not actually using docker. I’m just saying mssql + mac --> Docker (a hassle compared to postgres + mac).
I believe for general tasks like data ingestion, transforming and storing intermediate calculations, and preparing data for visualization/reporting, there is nothing special about postgres that other database engines cannot do. I’m still learning the data engineer skills too so not familiar enough to answer how exactly postgres works with data warehousing or running pipelines.