In regular expression, what do these 2 do? .+ and .*

I am on “Advanced Regular Expression” session 9 right now.

But I have no clue what these 2 do: .+ and .*


pattern = r’(https?)://([\w.-]+)/?(.+)’

Why does this not work?

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Hi @yoon.w.sung,

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. in regex represents any character. + will match 1 more more of the preceding character. So .+ will match all the characters.

* will match 0 or more of the preceding character. So even if previous character is not found, it will be a match. Therefore, .* will match even if nothing exsits.

.* alone will not make any sense. So here is an example case:


Suppose, we want to match all the cases above. If we use the regex \d+\/+, it will only match the strings ending with //. However, if we use the regex \d+\/* it will match all the cases. This because \/* makes / character optional (0 or more).

Note: There are better ways to match the above case, the only purpose of the example above is to illustrate the difference between + and *.

(https?)://([\w.-]+)/?(.+) is not working because, (.+) is expecting some characters (pages) after the domain name. However, in some cases like, the webpage part does not exist, so ideally it should not match.

However, in the result, we can see that:

Group 0 contains: http
Group 1 contains:
Group 2 contains: /

It should not have matched based on the above discussion, then why does Group 2 has /? / is not even inside the third group ().

This weird behavior is due to operator precedence in regex. Grouping () has a higher precedence than ? character.

Therefore, in first, http will be grouped, after that, is grouped and lastly / is grouped because .+ will not calm down until it gets at least one character. And after all those groupings, /? is used to check whether the URL has an optional / character after the domain name (

On the other hand, if we use (https?)://([\w.-]+)/?(.*), / at the end will not be added to the last group because .* is not picky like .+. It will match even if nothing is there to match.

Hope this helps :slightly_smiling_face:.


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