Independent Project: Exploring 2021 White House Visitor Logs

Hey all,

I got inspired from the dataset in the “Working with Dates and Times in Python” in the Data Analyst in Python track. There, DataQuest explored the 2015 White House Visitor Logs. I went back to the White House Visitor Logs and downloaded all the 2021 White House Visitor Logs, merged them into one file (available for you here:
combined copy.csv (3.4 MB) )

It’s a historical dataset, because 2021 was the first year that any Presidential Administration captured this data and published it during their first year in office. I explored it a little bit and down below I uploaded my Jupyter Notebook file if you are interested. I did this for fun, so no pressure to provide feedback. Here’s a quick summary of my findings for all the curious:

  • First Lady received more visits than the Vice President

  • The public mainly visited for the purpose of Ceremonies for the Air Force or White House

  • The building with the overall shortest turnaround time between booking and attending an appointment was the New Executive Office Building

  • The Vice President’s Residence had the average longest turnaround time, about 6 days

  • Dan Via, David Nelson, and Ed Teleky were the most visited (in that order) in the Executive Branch

  • The Eisenhower Executive Office Building (aka Old Executive Office Building) received the most visits

  • The people who most frequently visited the Executive Branch had either the first name of “Michael” or the last name of “Smith”

WhiteHouse2021VisitorLogsVersion2JacquelineTiefert.ipynb (635.9 KB)

Click here to view the jupyter notebook file in a new tab


Hi @jacqisbackyessheis

Welcome to the community and thanks for sharing your project with the community . I have learned a lot through your project. Many interesting facts have been exposed l, I love the way you explore on the introduction , it’s very informative . The aim is well displayed, the explanations given in the markdown looks awesome and well presented. Most of your findings highlighted above are so informing. You ought to have added the same on your project by creating a subheading ‘conclusion’.

You can also consider re-running your project by referring on the menu bar, then clicking restart and run all in order to have the sequential ordering of the code cells. Have also noticed some SettingWithCopyWarning: which is very common when working on a dataframe , you can go through this article provided by DQ.

Keep it up mate for the good work.

Happy Learning!