Indexing problem on Colab (works on Jupyter)

This is for Data Analyst in Python: Python Guided Project 1


Weird error: Colab is indexing incorrectly but only with android data set.

I am using Colab instead of Jupyter. I did the assignemt first in Jupyter but decided to shift to Colab and started the project again for more practice. The function that’s being weird worked well with Jupyter running the same dataset on my Ubuntu installation (server).


I have put everything here:

It works through the specific problem and shows the error.


It’s doing my head in. Please help!

You are missing step-3

You suppose to remove wrong observation from dataset. Which is causing the error.


I should have done that to the data set already.

I re-ran all the functions today…OK, let me go back and check that!

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You’re right! I needed to delete that row again. I had commented it out so it didn’t keep repeating rows.

I’m an idiot.

Thank you!