Indicators of Heavy Traffic on I-94 .plot.hist() Question

Hi, I’m working on the Indicators of Heavy Traffic on I-94 project and I’m having a problem.

Use pandas Generate histogram:

and i use i_94[‘traffic_volume’].describe()

count 48204.000000
mean 3259.818355
std 1986.860670
min 0.000000
25% 1193.000000
50% 3380.000000
75% 4933.000000
max 7280.000000
Name: traffic_volume, dtype: float64

Shown here max is 7280
But the generated histogram Y-axis is up to 8000

I don’t know why

You are plotting a histogram. The y-axis is the frequency of your values. That 7280 max value corresponds to the x-axis.

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