Indicators of Heavy Traffic on I-94 proyect

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My Code:

count1 = day.groupby(['traffic_volume','weather_description']).count()
traffic_volume_5000_or_more = day[day['traffic_volume'] >= 5000]
count2 = traffic_volume_5000_or_more['weather_description'].value_counts()

I was reproducing the weather types group by plots. After running the by_weather_description plot. there are 3 weather types where traffic volume exceeded 5000. However I wanted to show this in a chart. I wasn’t able to get out the correct chart. How can I do this?

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hi @paolagarcia0815

let’s see if I can help you. Instead of telling you what you have to do, I’m going to show what I’ve done (try) to understand your question and see what I’ve been encountering.

For the little information you give and making a parallel between what you need and what I have in my code the result is this:


day[day['traffic_volume'] >= 5000]

I encourage you to try the different ways of graphing as I have done, investigate the type of data, I hope it has at least given you a clue to follow.


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Sorry, I’m really bad at reading.

Are you trying to plot count1 and count2? Or are you trying to replicate a plot from the solution notebook?

You can also upload your current notebook in your post, so we can see your whole code. Sometimes the problem comes from code written before, and the notebook can give us the context needed to understand if that’s really the case.

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