Installation of BaseMap matplotlib on Ubuntu 20.04

Hello Everyone .

I am installing BaseMap on my linux machine(ubuntu 20.04) and already downloaded matplotlib earlier
I followed instructions as ,

pip install --upgrade --user matplotlib numpy pyproj pyshp OWSLib Pillow 
sudo apt-get update 
sudo apt install libgeos-dev 
pip install --user

This works smoothly expect one flaw that it opens up on my terminal but fails to import modules onto Jupyter notebook .
Does anybody have any idea what could be the reason for it ?
Thanks in advance

@ * kirtipurohit025 Kirtipurohit025

Did you install jupyter notebook via anaconda?

If you did so, you should install BaseMap via conda.

basemap installation in ubuntu via anaconda:

You have to use Anaconda Prompt (Anaconda CLI) to install the packages in Anaconda. For basemapuse command

conda install -c anaconda basemap