Installing & Using PostgreSQL Locally

I am working on the PostgreSQL installation project (Mission 3 in the Advanced SQL for Data Analysis course). I think I correctly followed the instructions for installing the Postgres app. Now the instructions say, “To test your installation, open your command line application, type psql, and you should be in the PostgreSQL shell.” I don’t know what this means! I do not have much knowledge of these types of technical matters. Is there someone who can explain (in very simple language)?

Furthermore, the next step after that says, " To login with the username, simply type psql -U (your username)" I’m not confident that I know what my username (and password) are, either (assuming I eventually get to that step …

I’ll add that I would love it if Dataquest offered a hotline that could be called to ask questions like this when I get stuck.

hi @dlsmeltzer

are you using mac or windows? I might be able to help you with windows.

I am using windows. I’d appreciate help!

hey @dlsmeltzer

to directly access Postgres DB using its sql shell as described in this blog:

to access it via python (in anaconda prompt):
image then

to access via jupyter notebook, you may test with this notebook. modify the username/ password parameters as required.
access_postgres_jupyter.ipynb (4.3 KB)

in case you have created a simple screen-shot doc while installing postgres, you can compare it with the official one to recall which step you may or may not have updated the password.

hope this is somewhat useful to you.

please note: the code to access on prompt are same as given in jupyter notebook.

Click here to view the jupyter notebook file in a new tab