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Interested in teaching data skills? Come write for the Dataquest blog!

Hi, everyone! We’re looking for people to write tutorials on Python, R, SQL, PowerBI, and machine learning for the Dataquest blog. Our topic coverage is pretty broad, and we’re looking for articles on everything from installing packages to data cleaning with pandas to the math behind machine learning algorithms.

I personally wrote a lot of blog posts as I learned data skills. It was a great way to continue learning and build my online presence. Writing for the Dataquest blog is a chance to get exposure, keep learning, and also get paid. Many of our most successful authors have actually been Dataquest learners!

We’re looking for people who have at least completed the first 3 steps of a path (or have equivalent expertise). So you should be familiar with data cleaning and visualization. You should also have good writing skills. If you’re interested, please shoot me a technical writing sample at [email protected].


Here are a couple of our blog tutorials so you can get to know our style: