Intro to Pandas: CSV import is wrong

Screen Link:

My Code:

import pandas as pd
f500 = pd.read_csv('f500.csv',index_col=0) = None
f500_type = type(f500)
f500_shape = f500.shape

What I expected to happen:
(500, 16)

What actually happened:
(500, 17)

Hopefully just a quick one – I can’t pass the solutions checker on this course because the number of columns being returned (17) doesn’t match what’s expected (16). Even when I just copy-paste the solution code to try and trigger the correct result, it’s not working. I believe the csv import is attempting to establish the first column (company) as the index column but the .shape attribute is counting all 17 columns in the actual .csv.

Any suggestions on how I can tweak the code to produce the expected result?

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Please refer to this