Introduction to Git - Viewing File Differences

Dear All,

I am facing issue when editing using vi editor.
When I press Enter key page goes blank, Please advise.


Hello @balaorcl,

I think you might not be in the Insert mode of the vi editor. When you open a file using the vi editor, you are in the Command mode. To go to the Insert mode, you need to press i first.

Let me know if this helps.

(P.S.: If you are new to the vi editor, it comes with a handy tutorial that you can access by typing - vimtutor on the command line)

Hello @nityesh,

Yes I am in insert mode by pressing i, after editing if i press Enter or Home, I get a blank page, Please advise.


If you are done editing, you need to:

  1. exit the insert mode by pressing the Esc key
  2. typing :wq to save your work or typing :q! to discard your changes
  3. and finally press Enter to exit

Is this helpful?