Introduction to Git

Hello everyone!

I am at about 35% of the scientist path, finishing the CLI and wonder if I can jump to the “Introduction to Git” section, so as to learn how to upload and share my projects on GitHub. After that, I am going to resume my progress to the SQL section.

I am i capable to do so or there are any prerequisites for the git mission to complete previously?

Thank you!

You can jump into GitHub whenever. This is a platform meant to host your code/projects. The prerequisites are having something to host.

The danger is spending way more time than you wanted to in getting GH set up. Once you’re comfortable in the command line, you can probably handle Git at a basic level. In my experience there’s plenty of opportunity to get confused and distracted by learning how to get what you want hosted on GH.

If you feel a deep need to get whatever you have to show out there today, go get it. Keep it simple and focus on your best work.

I think DQ split the CLI section from the Git section in order to help you focus on continuing to learn data analysis/science skills. Git can get messy quickly.

However, you are more than capable of diving into GH at any time. Really just a question of how well you can manage learning data techniques while learning how to push and host code.


Thank you! I am going to give it a try!

Hey, Gerasimos.

You can jump into that Git course if you’d like, however, I suggest taking the Command Line: Intermediate course first. If there’s any prerequisite missing for Git, it is this course.

Thank you @Bruno! I am definitely going to get this, as well!

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