Introduction to Natural Language Processing?

one of the reasons (among others) why I chose DQ platform was this “promise” Introduction to Natural Language Processing
I can’t find anything related to this in the catalog and data scientist path. Can you please advise why is it being advertised and is not available? Is it in the plans?

It used to be there but was removed at some point (they keep re-structuring and updating content) and that link you shared seems to have been not updated/removed after that.

As per an official response, you can still access it, however - Am i crazy or some courses disapeared from the data scientist path - #7 by Sahil

I am not sure how/where you found the link but their current list of courses can be found here -

I would recommend using the Contact Us button in the top-right section of this page to report this to them so that they can update/remove that information accordingly.