Introduction to numpy mission- issue

I just came across this…axis numbers for columns and rows are incorrectly being taught in the course. I believe there are some more corrections to be made in other missions as well, will share if i come across anymore in the future. But this is very concerning as we are looking to dataquest to teach us rathe

r than misguide us…

hi @paruchurikrish9

thanks for looking out for content mistakes. However, for this scenario, I don’t quite get what exactly is the issue? for example, please review the below results:


Hi Rucha,

Earlier in the mission it was mentioned that in order to work with columns we have to refer to Axis 0 and vice versa for row (just like your example).

However, later on in the exercise its mentioned as the opposite.

hi @paruchurikrish9

can you please attach a screen link to this particular mission/ course/ page.
I will be able to highlight it better to the tech team. Thanks.

hey @paruchurikrish9

this is about the value present in the new column. They have assigned 0 to every row for this column. This 0 does not refer to an axis but the value assigned.

Since the instruction statement states, “additional column” so in concatenate methods axis = 1 ie. column has been considered.


if we don’t mention an axis, the default 0 is taken which is for the row, then this error pops-up.

hope this helps.