"Introduction to SQL" the file jobs.db imported in shell / pgadmin

I am trying to do this chapter in psql shell or pgadmin, due to consistency with the college curriculum.
Is it possible to import / open that .db file in either shell or pgadmin? I am on Windows.

Hey @chircory

It’s very difficult to do any analysis in SQL shell (shell needs to remember the previous steps) and I don’t think pgadmin provides any environment for calculations.

If you have such an amazing software Juypter Notebook and Google Colab go for them. If you are not able to set up Juypter then use Google Colab it’s online you can use it from anywhere and your work is in your drive.

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Hi Prem, thanks for the response.
If I run either Jupyter/Colab, would’nt that mean i am writing in a python enviorenment? Or should I just import a library in order to make sql based queries in python? - and then connect to the .DB file

Yes, you can import libraries and connect to the db file. You can also take the help of %sql magic just like in this notebook.

Click here to view the jupyter notebook file in a new tab

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