Investigating Fandango Movie Ratings (m288)

Hi all!
I upload my next project.
Comments and criticism - are welcome!)Investigating_Fandango_Movie_Ratings_m_288.ipynb (2.8 MB)

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Hi Vadim,

Wow, your project is just amazing! :star_struck: :star: Great choice of visualization techniques and fantastic resulting graphs (my favorite are your strip plots, where the issue with Fandango is scaringly obvious), very interesting and profound approach to statistical analysis, cool observations, project structure, emphasizing, and code commenting. Just super!

This time it’s really difficult for me to suggest to you something useful :joy:

  • Probably, it’s better to make plot titles and legend annotations bigger.
  • Don’t forget to add an empty line before a code comment and a previous code.
  • Be careful of typos.

Great job, Vadim, congratulations!

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