***Investigating Fandango Movie Ratings

i did the first part of the project like the solution notebook, but in the visualizations part i did it very different (and i think better!).

here the project


Hi @yosefco12

Welcome to the the community and thank you very much for sharing your project on Investigating Fandango Movie Ratings. Have gone through it and it’s well presented.the code lines looks good ,thus rendering admirable outputs. The explanations have been well worked on, I love most of your plots, like the one in cell[62] , they look awesome. Thumbs up buddy for the good work. Having said that , have got few humble suggestions to make;

  • You haven’t at all included comments in your workings, being that you have explained most of the steps in the markdown cell, it’s also advisable to do the same in the code cell, remember comments helps to break down those code line that seems to be complex.
  • I can see you have included your aim in the middle of your projects which is still good, but the better approach is to have it in the introduction.
  • Have encountered SettingWithCopyWarning which is so often when working with dataframe, you can go through this -SettingWithCopyWarning: How to Fix This Warning in pandas
  • Also check on the conclusion, Am still figuring out whether the last workings were your findings, but the better approach is to contained them is a subtopic named ‘conclusion’
  • Consider re-running your project to have sequential ordering of the cells.

Otherwise to me., everything look nice and well presented, congratulations! for the good work.

Happy learning.

Wow thank you @brayanopiyo18 !!!
great suggestions!!!

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