Ios free apps number is different with answer

Screen Link:

My Code:
for row in ios_english:
price = row[7]

if price == '0':

What I expected to happen:

What actually happened:

It’s unclear what code you are expecting to produce this output… I’m guessing it is len(free_price_ios) or len(non_free_price_ios) but I can’t be sure without knowing what you’re running.

Since it takes context to be able to help you, perhaps sharing your notebook would make it easier for others to help you? It would certainly help me to know how you initiated these lists…particularly ios_english because it’s not clear if the price of the app is stored at index 7 or not (for example).

Can you access my work in Jupyter here:

My question is, I see row [7] is the price in list ios so assume my result should match with the answer(3222 apps are free in ios). But it shows 7191 apps are free so it’s definitely have some errors…

Here’s the code of filter out non english apps:

android_english =
ios_english =

for row in android_clean:
name = row[0]
if text_check(name):

for app in ios:
name = row[1]
if text_check(name):

explore_data(android_english, 0,3, True)
explore_data(ios_english, 0, 3, True)

Here’s the code of remove non free apps for both Android & ios:

free_price_android =
non_free_price_android =
free_price_ios =
non_free_price_ios =

for row in android_english:
price = row[7]

if price == '0':

for row in ios_english:
price = row[7]

if price == '0':

print(‘Free apps android’, len(free_price_android))
print(‘Non Free apps android’, len(non_free_price_android))
print(‘Free apps ios’, len(free_price_ios))
print(‘Non Free apps ios’, len(non_free_price_ios))

If you can’t access my work in Juptyer, can you please advise how to show you the full content?



I find out the reason now, it’s the wrong name in the filter non english apps code and it’s resolved now.

Thank you for your help.

Nicely done, congrats!

For future reference, the easiest way to share your work is to download the notebook (*.ipynb file) onto your computer and then upload it in your post. Dataquest will automatically format the post so that a link is created to your notebook.

Glad to have helped you in some way!

Happy coding!