IS as a clause or not/

Screen Link:

My Code:

SELECT 3 AS number_of_clauses

What I expected to happen:
Correct answer

What actually happened:

The query returned the wrong list of values.

I think
SELECT math_score AS ms,
reading_score AS rs,
writing_score AS ws
FROM performance;
has 3 clauses SELECT FROM and AS. According to answer it is only 2 clauses SELECT , FROM

I generally dislike SQL/its variations because of the documentation (lack thereof; or probably me sucking at working with it), but there doesn’t seem to be a specific resource I can find that clarifies if AS is a clause or not.

I would have considered it as just a keyword. There is hardly an instance where aliases are considered as a clause.

You can provide feedback to them directly about this using the ? in the top-right corner of the Classroom. I couldn’t find anything concrete in the content (yet) that would clarify it, and nothing online either as of now. Maybe someone more knowledgeable can add insights here later.