Is Fandango still inflating ratings? - Project Share

This is my first complete data science project. I wrote it with the hopes that it would be accessible to anyone without technical or domain knowledge. I also wanted it to be usable as a teaching tool if only for myself when I want to go back and remember how and why I did certain things.

The guided project “Investigating Fandango Movie Ratings” is at the end of Step 5 - Chapter 1 - Statistics Fundamentals.

My project can be found here. I’m not yet comfortable with github so if anything is amiss please do let me know.

I’m open to any and all feedback! Thank you.


Hello @grannysmithcrabapple, thanks for sharing such an informative data analysis projet. I’ve actualy learned two this which I’ll use in my project

  1. using the fivethirtyeight style
  2. pd.options.display.max_columns = 100 - Well I’ve always used pd.set_options("display.max_columns", 100)

You have an amazing data storytelling.

happy learning.

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Thank you very much for your feedback @info.victoromondi!

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