Is it required to read any book?

For , data analyst in Python course on dataquest ,is it required to read any book related to course ?
Until now I completed fundamentals and intermediate of python on dataquest without reading any book

Hi my case is similar. I think the course can be finished without any reading. However, if you want to deep dive some topic, you certainly want to read a book.

Hey Yash,

I would like to give my personal advice to you here:

I really believe in following multiple sources to study one same subject. I do it not because I am always looking for the best one but because having multiple perspectives helps me learn better:

  • It has the side-effect of helping me revise my concepts (and its less boring than going through the same material again! :stuck_out_tongue: )
  • It exposes me to multiple sources of information, each created in a different style - this helps me because my brain always catches something different.

This being said, I also believe that its not important to buy those expensive books if you want to learn Computer Science. I would suggest that you try to read blogs and articles online. Towards Data Science publication can be a good place to start!