Is my combined function correct?

Screen Link:

My Code:


What I expected to happen:
Based on the guide, Use the Series.value_counts() method to confirm if the number of True and False in the dissatisfied column I should have only one column dissatisfied.

What actually happened:
But based on my combined function (see above) I got 2 dissatisfied columns: one named dissatisfied_x, one named dissatisfied_y
Was I supposed to combined this 2 columns into 1 at some point?


Welcome to DQ Community @claire.briane

I guess for this instruction instead of merge, you are to use concat(). we don’t want to match the data between DETE and TAFE dataframes. we just want one data frame with both these datasets included.

So if DETE say has rows from index 0 to index 800 we want TAFE rows to make index 801 to index 1600.

for a detailed readthrough, you may refer to the official documentation.

hope this helps.