Is there a specific reason for not having sample data?

Currently working on Comparison Operators section and trying to solve the instructed problem.
Well the question asks me to find the price greater than $9,
and I’m trying to look at the table to see where the price is located at.
But There is no table to get the index from!

How am I supposed to get the index from the table when there is no table available for us to see?

I mean, I understand that the data has already been provided, but without printed table or data to actually see, I can’t work through the problems you know?

You will have to provide the link to the Mission you are referring to, and your code on what you have tried so far as well for others to be able to help you out in a meaningful way. Otherwise, there is limited context to go on.


above is the image for the problem.
In order to solve the problem, I should know at which index the price is in the table
but there is no table for me to get the index from :frowning:

In the default code for this problem, price is already assigned for us -

for app in apps_data[1:]:
    price = float(app[4])

In some of the previous Mission Steps, we already worked with the same price column.

The table was shown to us in the beginning of this Mission as well. In Step 1 we are shown the following -

We can see the price column there.

For each Mission Step, in our code window, we also have access to the csv content -

You can click on that and see the column names as well.

Several ways to keep track of this. Hope this helps for future Missions too (that’s why I pointed out several ways above)!


Oh hey! I didn’t see the csv tab there!
Thanks for such a prompt response. Really appreaciate it.

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