Is there a way to know when a function is in or out of a parenthesis?

Hey there folks :slight_smile: Hope everyone is doing alright out there? I was wondering if there is a way to remember when a function goes in parenthesis and when it is outside? I PERSISTENTLY get this wrong I am afraid :confused: I am going through the Panda section right now which is really interesting but why is


and just a few steps back “type” was outside of the parenthesis? when we had to print?

thanks in advanced

Hi Linda. Doing okay!

Could you give some examples (code, screenshots, etc) to better understand what you mean? The first thing that comes to mind is that if you use type(single_row) as the last line of code, the Dataquest environment will automatically print out the output. If not, then you would have to put it inside print() so that it knows to print it.

hey there april.g :slight_smile:
thanks a mil for getting back to me on this. Of course since you asked I can’t find the place I was thinking of, i appologize :confused: - perhaps I am all wrong on this, but I thought for instance .info was called without parenthesis somewhere? but here is another example with type which is outside the parenthesis (from introduction to Pandas, section 2 “introduction to data” but in section 4 we’re asked to print info, but this time around it’s within the parenthesis. I just cannot figure out why?

import pandas as pd
f500 = pd.read_csv(‘f500.csv’,index_col=0) = None
f500_type = type(f500)
f500_shape = f500.shape