Is there a way to reset the file?

Screen Link:

My Code:



What I expected to happen:
To be able to see the outliers removed and get a better view of the data.

What actually happened:

count    5.000000e+04
mean     9.840044e+03
std      4.811044e+05
min      0.000000e+00
25%      1.100000e+03
50%      2.950000e+03
75%      7.200000e+03
max      1.000000e+08
Name: price, dtype: float64

When I had fixed previous code, I had rerun the kernel which led to cells working out of order. This led to an error on the replace set (I think screen 4) because it has already been done. Am I able to start from the beginning as the autos.csv file seems to be altered and I can’t move forward with the mistakes I’ve made.

Your csv file should not be altered as long as you are not saving your DataFrame back to the csv.

If you are not saving it back to the csv, then you can simply re-run the Notebook Cells right from the beginning without issue.

You can also select Kernel and then Restart and Clear Output. This isn’t usually needed because you can simply re-run all your Cells from the beginning. Your DataFrame will “reset” because of the read_csv command in your code to load in the dataset.

So the problem is, I did save it that way and now I’m stuck with the altered data – the good news is I’ve learned not to do that but now I’m working with the altered dataframe.

@Sahil could you please help @liz.tracy09 out? There’s no way to “reset” the data file if it’s been modified or if it’s been deleted.

I thought the Restore your project missing files button in the Classroom could help restore a deleted csv too. But that does not work.

And the Solutions Github doesn’t have the datasets either.

It would help if there was a way to “reset” the data files too.

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Hi @liz.tracy09,

Sorry about that, I will let the product team know about this issue. As a workaround, can you please replace the CSV file with this:

Here are the steps:

  1. Click on the Jupyter logo.

  2. Click on notebook folder.

  3. Delete the CSV file

  4. Upload the CSV file linked in this post

  5. Reload the page


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