Issue with my results in Prison break

As I was working on the project “Prison Break”, I don’t have he same results as in the solutions page. Before accessing to it, I feel like it was an issue. I checked the code made, but I’m not finding any issue. Please who can help me identify the issue?

Basics-Copy1.ipynb (121.2 KB)

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Hi @yannick.waboa, there was an error in your cell 51, you’re supposed to first iterate over the data before iterating over the attempts_per_year.

Iterate over our starting data ( stored in the variable data) was stated in the instruction but you skipped it, also when you print, do it within the for block and not outside, you do that often and it defeats the purpose of the work

Iterate over data using the variable row
for ya in attempts_per_year: # Iterate over attempts_per_year using the iterable variable ya
# use indexing to assign the year in ya to y
if row[0] == y:
ya[1] += 1

print the results
print (attempts_per_year)
print (attempts_per_year)

I hope this helps

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