Issues with First Project

Does anyone else feel as if they weren’t really prepared for the first project after only completing the first module? I know most of the terms but feel as though I am not good enough yet to be able to complete the first project on my own. Maybe I’m behind or maybe that’s just how it is in the beginning? Any insight from an experienced dev would be awesome!

Hey @xanderf98,

I am not by far an experienced dev, I am fairly a beginner however I believe the point would be to push yourself a bit.

My understanding is that Data Science will make you push yourself a bit more outside your comfort zone and enable you learn much more. Which is exactly why we were made to do it on Jupyter as compared to the Dataquest IDE.

This emulates the real world quite aspect of data science quite nicely. For me, it kept me humbled, because the easy wins in the exercise doesnt make me puffed with pride. If you give the new ‘practise’ section a go after every exercise, I believe it will be of immense help!

Hope you find your way :’) All the best

It does feel like that when you are trying something new. However, working on a project would make you apply what you have learnt right away and reinforce knowledge gained.

I do the projects by reviewing notes and using the internet. Then I check with the solution guide at the end. If there is something that I find very interesting, I read it up on the solution guide for a couple of days.