It would be a good exercise to make suggested exercises into actual exercises within the platform

The 8th page of this lesson states:

On the previous screen, we calculated all pairs of characters that occur only once in a word. We only calculated the pairs of characters, not the actual words where they occur. It would be a good exercise for you to try to modify the solution so that we get the actual words.

If you’re curious, here are the words corresponding to each unique pair of characters:

zt aztec
zp bezpopovtsy
xk boxkeeper
wq cowquake
vn czarevna
gv dogvane
cg ecgonine
zg fizgig
fj fjord
cf frolicful
jr hijra
vh ihvh
jh jharal
gj jigjog
jy jymold
pv kepviselohaz
cw lacwork
zq mezquita
zm mizmaze
yq oxyquinoline
rx procatarxis
zv rendezvous
vd vivda
vl vlissmaki

Anyone have a solution for this? Did any students actually try it?

Frankly, dataquest should make this into an actual exercise, as the odds of someone doing these suggested exercises on their own is slim (unless it’s part of a guided project).

And that’s why it’s still important to have these as suggestions for students to try. It’s extremely difficult to make sure that you can learn everything effectively through the platform only. There is always a component of student responsibility when it comes to learning and growing.

After a certain point, students should focus on working on solving some problems on their own because it is always likely they will encounter problems later on that they will have to focus on figuring out for themselves as much as possible.

Such suggestions help encourage critical thinking and problem-solving without having to rely on having an answer available all the time.

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