It's Dataquest worth it?

Hello guys! How are you?

My name is Ariel, I’m an industrial engineer from Argentina who’s currently working in a Business Intelligence area and I’m trying to enter the Data Science world deeply.
I’ve been using Datacamp for a year now but I found that the courses are really out of sync between them, and the video structure is not helpful for my learning since I always forget what I saw yesterday plus the exercises came pre-filled, making me feel a little bit child…

I’ve tried the free material from Dataquest, both courses and exercises and I love the experience. Do you guys think that dataquest helped you with your professional career? The price, taking into account the Dollar exchange rate is pretty high and I want to be sure that this is an investment for my future.

Thanks in advance!
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Hi arielbosano!
I am here from begin December 2020. I am switcher from sales manager in system integration from IT hardware for B2B sector.
In my opinion here normal learning plan, course give only essential knowledge but is normal feedback for guided project for minimal practice and understanding what do you do.
If you want get a fundamental base for full understanding - you must ready read a lot books yourself for Python (in my opinion best book for understanding Python - Learn Python 5 Edition by Mark Lutz) Pandas, Numpy, Matplolib and documentation for its plus StackOwerFlow GeekForGeek and RealPython, Linear Algebra, Stats and etc.
I repeat again - the major value of DQ - learning plan, but you must ready look for a lot additional knowledge yourself from outside sources…
Before make decisions I downloaded from torrents video courses for DS for beginner - in my opinion its full bullshit for people with zero programming skills, although my friend Java senior buys highly specialized video courses in very specifics Java areas .
All above - IMHO.
You and only you take final decision.
estimated time of learning if you don’t have any programming skills - not less than 8 month for full DS and more, if only DA - don’t less 6 month and more.

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Thanks for your reply Vadim What interested me the most from your comment is the organization or learning path from DQ.
I’m currently working in a full time job, so there is no much time in my agenda to gather all the knowledge required for a DS position.

I think I might go ahead with the platform!