I've made an interactive map for the Star Wars Survey project!

Hello people! I looked back into the Star Wars Survey project on course “Data Cleaning Project Walkthrough”. I polished mine a bit with explanations and stuff and also made an interactive map with Plotly plotting the Star Wars fans state by state. Any kind of feedback would be appreciated! I’m leaving the links to the project, my notebook and the map down below:

You can find the last screen here.

Here’s the link to the notebook.

Unfortunately, Github didn’t render the map. So, you can access the map from here.


Hey @dilarakrby. I love it! Such a cool idea to use the map and get an idea of where the fans in the survey were located. I liked your writing style too, this is a great project to have some fun with.

Don’t think I didn’t notice this:

#I am pretty ashamed of the function you're about to see but I'm writing this code at 04:26 AM currently and really couldn't bother.


Thanks so much for sharing, I really enjoyed reading it and learning something new.


Thanks for the feedback! I’m glad you enjoyed it. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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This is very cool!

Great job in the whole project!


Hello @dilarakrby

This is a cool project :blush:

I just have a quick question why GitHub won’t render the map. Any idea on this?

Thanks again for sharing this cool stuff.


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Here is the reason:

When you add Jupyter Notebook or IPython Notebook files with a .ipynb extension on GitHub, they will render as static HTML files in your repository.

In this article

The interactive features of the notebook, such as custom JavaScript plots, will not work in your repository on GitHub. For an example, see Linking and Interactions.ipynb .

To view your Jupyter notebook with JavaScript content rendered or to share your notebook files with others you can use nbviewer. For an example, see Linking and Interactions.ipynb rendered on nbviewer.

To view a fully interactive version of your Jupyter Notebook, you can set up a notebook server locally. For more information, see Jupyter’s official documentation.


@dilarakrby hey your interactive chart is superb, I will too try that in my project.
Thank you for sharing such a great thing :slight_smile: :innocent:

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Thanks! It’s quite fun, if you want to see further examples, you can click here. They are all pretty fun to implement, they have also launched Dash which has these very interesting implementations, you should definitely check it out! :hatching_chick:


@dilarakrby super definitely I will try this,
This charts are super :ok_hand::ok_hand::innocent:

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It is a super nice project and I am using it as an inspiration to improve my coding! Absolutely a pleasure to read it.

Tell me please, how would you rewrite that last function now?