I've scraped the feedback posts to ALL the guided projects and did EDA on that data

TLDR : If you ever want some feedback to your project, just read all of them combined and analysed in 1 notebook

A while ago I’ve started writing a generic feedback post. I wanted to compile all my usual project feedback remarks into 1 list. So that everyone can have a read before/ after they publish their project and check if they still can do some work. That made me thinking: why don’t include other peoples feedback as well? I’ve started wondering how many published projects received at least 1 reply on Dataquests forum? Currently (November 2021) that number sits at 1102 posts. At this stage this stopped looking like writing a post, and started looking like a data analysis project…

If you don’t want to scrape the dataquest for the feedback, I’ve made the dataset and the webpage containing all the links available on GitHub:
project on GitHub

dq_feedback.ipynb (887.1 KB)

Click here to view the jupyter notebook file in a new tab


Great post, Adam! I think the guided project feedback is spot on.

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Thanks Vik, happy to hear that, especially from you!

This is the first time vik.paruchuri has posted — let’s welcome them to our community!

Welcome to the community :slight_smile:

Thanks! I made the mistake of using my personal account instead of the Dataquest one :slight_smile:

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Missed this gem of a project! @adam.kubalica. :+1: