Jetset nano developer kit

Has anyone tried the Jetset nano developer kit? At about $100, it seems like a decent option for low-budget projects that require GPU resources but whose data should not be on the cloud (thus google colab is not an option).

I am based in Switzerland and often see interest in keeping data off the cloud or at least in Switzerland. Any feedback on this kit or other low-cost solutions would be most welcome!

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Hi @MatthewCH!
I was thinking of Google Coral, but now I think Jetson Nano is the best developer kit at $100. The GPU has 472 GFLOPS theoretical computing power. Below is the comparison of different kits performance on objects detection models (from the Nvidia website):

Note that Jetson Nano does not include any power supply or other accessories. Moreover, it does not have Wi-Fi and Bluetooth built-in. You will have to purchase those as external dongles separately if you need them.

Thanks for the feedback!

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This looks super cool!

As a noob to this kind of thing - is this anything like rasp pi? better? worse? If I have a rasp pi can I potentially connect them together and make something super awesome?

Hi @mctopherganesh, raspberry pi 3 and 4 are good developer kits for starters. However, they are not aimed for GPU intensive tasks such as training Neural Network models or real-time object detection. Raspberry pi is good for learning and coding projects that do not require much computing power. There are tons of ways you could use raspberry pi for your own projects like compiling your own Linux OS from scratch, writing programs that run on ARM processors and more. The same can be said for the Jetson Nano, but with greater computing power.

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