Join the MLOps-test-team

Hi everyone, I’m Petter, the CEO of a MLOps platform that has just launched last week. We have a more coder heavy approach than many others that use drag and drop solutions. Looking forward to the discussions in here If you’re interested in machine learning I run a MLOps community.

We are looking for a select group of people who want to join our mlops-test-team. Here you’ll be invited to a channel and get free reigns to use our platform and build your own projects. We want to provide this for people so they can help us build a great platform, are you interested in this?

Right now we are also launching a mlops-founders-club where founders and key stakeholders will use this space to meet other people who want to pitch their products and connect for work. As a mlops-test-team member you will get connected to them naturally. :slightly_smiling_face: