Jude's first guided project - Prison Break

Hello Everyone!

Here a link to my first guided project:


Basics- Guided Project_Prison Break.ipynb (80.1 KB)

Click here to view the jupyter notebook file in a new tab

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Hi @judeproof Great project!

I think there are great opportunities for improvement!

  • A description about the project, adding some context will help to the reader to have a good first impression about what you did.

  • Description about your findings, there are interesting findings in your project, I think if you highlight some of those results will help a lot to communicate what you did and why your research is useful.

  • Visualizations are a great way to show the findings and to communicate the results of your project, so I think it will be worth spending more time on that.

Overall, an amazing first project, just keep exploring and adding more tools as you learned more things!

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Thanks for the feedback @PastorSotoBlanco!

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